Regenerate Aged Batteries Service!!!

The used lead-acid batteries are "designated waste" which causes the environmental contamination. Using the "battery restoration technology " development, our service offers globally-innovative battery Regeneration and Testing Systems which are able to recondition the wasted lead-acid batteries reaching their original capacity. In effect, our system can significantly contribute to reducing environmental contamination occurred due to the disposal of aged batteries, in addition to the energy conservation and cost saving efforts.

Our Service capacity offers a battery regenerating process which includes:

  • Testing the energy capacity of used batteries before and after restoration
  • Regenerating the batteries of all kinds (car, industrial, special use) of different voltages
  • Maintaining the used batteries before they reach the "dead status"
  • Selling the regenerated batteries
Our service can be handled both at our service centre and at your premises. Our people and equipment are mobile to serve the need of our clients based on conditions agreed.

Basic price of our regenerating service is about less than one third of new battery price. However, condition and number of batteries serviced will determine the actual price of the service. Price for batteries with special use is subject to adjustment based on numbers, capacity and time required.
Gets offer an attractive price to satisfy its customers in complying with the quality delivered

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